virtual reality training

As innovation is a key component of EXMAR Academy, we bring training and familiarization to a new dimension: the virtual reality. Virtual reality allows you to immerse participants from different locations in realistic situations encountered in all imaginable scenarios. You can bring the training to the participants instead of bringing the participants to the training. From visitor familiarization to firefighting training in engine rooms, virtual reality allows us to gain real world experience. But what are the advantages?

Why use Virtual Reality technology?

  • Virtual reality gives your crew, visitors and customers the possibility to familiarize themselves with every ship and every equipment before they go on board, at the physical location of their choice and at their own pace.
  • Team trainings can be organized without the team being together or being on board.
  • All possible data formats can be added to the virtual world: video, pictures, sound,…
  • Knowledge transfer can be tracked and checked, since scoring and gamification is part of the solution.
  • Share inspection reports with your colleagues and give the possibility to go on board without physically going on board.
  • Use the equipment for accident investigation and inspect the location of the accident as if you were there.

EXMAR Academy offers the possibility to develop a customized educational library which your crew, visitors and customers can access at any time.

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